About us


Wheels for Less was launched by a team of car enthusiasts and struck full force in the eastern market. The team consisted of professional auto designers, engineers, and mechanics. They possessed a common objective, which was to facilitate to a lucrative market in the eastern automotive industry. They fully understood that the niche market had the desire to flaunt their cars with premium luxury and performance parts while aesthetically expressing themselves through their vehicles.

Wheels for Less is a Toronto based manufacturing company where we carry an array line of aftermarket wheels. Our name provides a proposition that no one else in the world can offer: The Toronto attitude and luxurious ambiance. We are a young and prevailing manufacturing company and retrospectively we look to aim at an edgy and neoteric audience. We make sure in every decision we make; we remain as innovators and not followers in the automotive industry.

Currently Wheels for Less products consist of three individual wheel lines ZEN Performance Wheels, Rennen Luxury Wheels, and DONZ Wheels. Our goal with these three lines is to corner all aspects of the wheel market, ZEN is geared towards the sport compact tuner market, Rennen Luxury is the most comprehensive line, consisting of wheels from 18"-26" mostly chrome and gloss black wheels, and DONZ is the icing on the cake, the most luxurious wheel brand in its market. There are also two undisclosed wheel lines that will be released in late 2007 and 2008, please stay tuned for details. Wheels for Less production lines included top quality gravity casting, low-pressure casting, and forged aluminum alloy. Wheels for Less has the capability of manufacturing everything from single piece cast wheels to multi-piece forged wheels including custom exotic applications. What makes Wheels for Less so unique is that we can machine any bolt circle or shave the offset on any wheel using state of the art CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control Machines). We can even create a specially made wheel just for you with any design, logo or name on it. That’s right, we can do what our competitors wish they could do.

Details are the most important aspect to Rennen's design and manufacturing processing. With wheel designers from the finest art schools in New York to engineer's in Germany, to the most advanced manufacturing facilities in US and Asia, Wheels for Less has attained a level of quality and style that no other wheel manufacturer can compete with. From the creation of the product, to the packaging, and to the marketing channel, we keep an eye on each step so that our products will be perceived the way we want them to be. Each commodity is meticulously designed and tested in order to perform in its maximum ability. Our products have passed the most stringent European, Japanese, and International safety and quality certifications such as the ISO9002, QS9000, JWL, VIA, SFI, and TUV. If our products survive the rough streets of NYC and Toronto, they will survive on any street.

Our goals stand to grow and develop the wheel market, and maintain the highest level of quality, style, and customer satisfaction. Always remember, at Wheels for Less we, "Go to the EXTREME to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction."